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Insureyourwine.com now includes coverage for wine stores, wine bars, and restaurants!

Without any rate increase, we now offer 100% coverage for mechanical breakdown and wine transit.

Comprehensive, affordable, stand-alone

Wine collection insurance

We know collectors, and have seen firsthand that you need an affordable wine insurance policy that covers transit, breakage, storage lockers, flooding and other natural disasters. After years of experience, we are proud to care for your collection in a way no other policy can, by offering exactly what you need.

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In The Bag: Insuring Fine Wine

Is your wine collection properly insured?  Marc Lazar discusses the importance of wine insurance, the best vendors and why he partnered with insurance broker Bliss & Glennon to create InsureYourWine.com.  Read the entire story at Barrons.com.


From the delivery of a newly acquired Grand Cru to a cross-country relocation of one’s entire cellar, wine shipping is the collector’s necessary evil. You can protect yourself and your collection in two ways: procure a seasoned door-to-door wine shipper, and ensure that you have the proper wine shipping insurance. Regardless of how detail-oriented and safe shippers are, the reality is that any time a bottle leaves your cellar, it exposed to a number of risk factors.

MGA’s Uncork Multiple New Program Niches


For Tony Morgan, a property underwriter specializing in earthquake coverage, the spark for his firm’s latest specialty-insurance program idea was nothing more than an interesting newspaper article that really had nothing to do with earthquakes—or even insurance.